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These sites exist primarily to advertise premium sites, although some lead to AVS sites. Most offer 20 photos or less, while a few provide information, stories or articles.

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Artistic Male Nudes

Sexy Rasta Man

Naked Men With No Bellybuttons

Sexy Sleeping Men

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All Australian Naked Blokes
Sexy Aussie men get their tackle out.

Barry Whopper and His Saucy Bone
Barry gets out his impressive magic wand.

Big Dick Men
Hot looking naked men. And are black men really bigger?

Danglin' Cowboys
Yeehah - check out these good lookin' cowpokes, and danged if they aint naked and all.

Dicks! Dicks! Dicks!
Three cheers for the dick! Dick pics, dick facts, dick jokes...

Dick Tricks
Sexy men performing tricks with their big dicks. It's better than the circus. Who'd have thought you could do that with a chair?

Domesticated Men
Naked guys doing the housework in the nude!

Erotica for Women
Erotica for women directory, free naked men

Food Porn
Recipes for naked men, including Chocolate Stud Muffin, and Tiramansu. Plus hot pics, sexual euphemisms and a look at women's erotica.

Free Naked Black Men
Are black men bigger? See for yourself! 2 galleries of gorgeous black hunks, an article on penis size and the better sex guide.

Free Porn for Women
Naked straight men, gratuitous butt shots and an article on male nudity in film.

Grandma Scrotum’s Sex Tips
Grandma delivers her own brand of hand-knitted sex advice, plus photos of nude young whippersnappers.

Happy Porn for Her
A site where all the naked men are smiling - guaranteed to make you happy.

Hello Sailor
A cute young navy man shows off his todger.

Male Centerfolds
Very, very good looking men, in various stages of undress!

Massively Hung Snowboarder
A sports loving snowdude shows off his huge cock.

More Free Porn for Women
More naked men, more fun!

My Favourite Porn for Women Photos
Webmistress Kayel has sought out the best women's erotica photos in her collection. This is what all women's porn should look like.

Naked Men With Big... Smiles
Hunky men with huge grins on their faces

Naked Straight Men
Lots and lots of nude men.

Ooh My! That Man is Adorable!
Two galleries of the most gorgeous men this webmistress has ever seen.

The Peekaboo Penis
Cute men playfully reveal their big cocks.

Reynaldo Columbus' Amazing Search for the Lost Clitoris
Join Reynaldo as he searches across four continents for the mysterious clit, and enlarge it with some hot male photos. Humor site.

Sex for Women
Articles on clit pumps, the G spot, anal sex as well as centrefolds and adult products.

Sex Sites 4 Women
Listing of great porn for women

Size Doesn't Matter
Celebrating the average sized and small dick

Smut for Women
Naked men, dirty jokes, obscene books... it's all really smutty

Womens Pornography
Couples and naked men galleries.

Best Premium Naked Men Sites

For The Girls is my idea of a perfect women's erotica site. Why? Because I own it! My partner and I have worked really hard to create exactly the kind of premium site we would want to join. We've hand picked all the photos of hunky men and sexy couples, chosen the best 4women videos, written heaps of sex stories, articles and columns, added advice and humour, games and jokes and lots more. Satisfaction is the aim of the game - and we're sure For The Girls offers it in spades :)

I was a member of, and I really enjoyed the experience. This is a beautifully designed site, and the pictures are all exquisitely photographed. The hunks are gorgeous, and the couples pictorials are very sensual and tasteful. And the stories are great, they really got me hot. There's also heaps and heaps of articles which I found to be informative and enjoyable.
If you want to find out more about what's inside this wonderful site, click here.

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